Always Be In Contact – Update 2.2.3

What’s New in Version 2.2.3 ?

We have been hard at work developing our Mobile CRM application for iOS. We have recently updated the app to Apple’s latest Swift code. We have improved many small issues and performance related items on the app to enhance the overall experience. We appreciate all your feedback and comments and look forward to building this app into the best tool to help you follow-up and provide the best customer service possible!

Always Be In Contact, New features:
– added the possibility to have more than one phone number for contacts;
– enabled copy & paste for phone number and email fields within Contact Details;
– changed the default prospect value to weeks instead of months;

Apart from the above features, the app also performs better with lots of contacts now; various important bugs have been fixed as well.

More updates and features coming soon to help you improve your contact follow-up and increase sales!

Click below to download the latest update:

Always Be In Contact - Mobile CRM Sales Follow-Up on the App Store